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    In this project different institutions from the European Union will work together and collaborate to incorporate the technique of digital storytelling to the teaching of curriculum content and to create, produce, share and exchange a series of digital stories about relevant issues such as Migration, Fundamental Human Rights, Education, Health Promotion or Job Search. The institutions that integrate the partnership are from Spain, United Kingdom, Lithuania, Austria, Poland and Belgium. All of them work with adult learners. 

    Our goal is to go beyond the mere teaching of ICT. We want to use them as a tool of expression and personal and social communication, make these tools available to our students so that they are who take the control to create and recreate stories that have to do with their personal, social or labor needs; stories related to identity, cultural heritage of their environment, their city and their country, with the past, present and future of our European societies, with equity and social justice. We want to use the technique of digital story for active job search, the expression of ideas and thoughts or production of learning content in a creative and meaningful way and to share them with others at an European level, becoming producer and consumer of culture. We want to learn to use ICT to not only to access to that great library that is internet, or managing daily procedures such as online banking or to ask for a doctor appointment, etc., but also to become producers of learning content. 
    Our main objective is to use the digital technique of digital storytelling to express our inner world , as well as our desires and aspirations, and the main conflicts that has our current society; recreation and sharing, in the last phase, with digital means at our disposal. We want to produce many Digital Storytelling about the main topics pointed out above: Human Heritage, Fundamental Human Right, Health Promotion, Migration and Educationn, so that it comes to help us, European citizens, to know better each other and to understand better our European common background. We also want to look for real stories that take place in Europe but that come from others no European citizens. We want to point out the added value of collecting stories from old people, last witnesses of many appalling conflicts in the last century. This group of people lack the neccessary digital or writing skills, so the younger generations will help us to collect their stories and make them in a digital way. 
    So the target group will be students and adults over 18, most from low middle class, from deprived background; people who want to be updated and active in this changeable society in which we need to be up to date continously, learning new skills which allow us to be integrated into our society. 
    The methodology will be based on the dialogue, creative, active and critical. Communication through ICT will be the essential tool for the development of the project. The English language will be the another fundamental tool of communication, for both, learners and teachers. So, English language and ICT courses will be very important for the Project Development. 
    Regarding outcomes, benefits and impact, we will produce, on one hand, the Digital Storytelling about the topics mentioned above, which will be useful to work this issues in the classrom and to generate other stories and topics. On the other hand we will write a Teaching Guide about activities, teaching strategies and methodology to orientate other teachers to work on Digital Storytelling. This Teaching Guide will be translated into the six languages of the 
    As for dissemination activities, we want to diseminate every outcome in every institution, from first May to the end of July, so that all the Educational community can access to our products. 
    We strongly believe that it will be really useful and enriching to have this material for teachers and educator. On the other hand, for learners and students will be an unforgetable experience which will mark a time, before and after this project.